Greenstead Soundscapes

Greenstead Soundscapes is a new partnership between Roman River Music and the secondary school and feeder primary schools on Greenstead Estate, Colchester, an area of social deprivation and low access to arts and cultural engagement when compared to the national average.

Professional musicians will work with the pupils to compose an innovative piece of music that is responsive to themselves and their locality. During the project the pupils will compose a piece of music exploring their feelings and emotions during their transition from primary to secondary school.  

The year 6 pupils will perform their compositions at an in-school concert at the end of the summer term 2018. As they progress to secondary school in autumn 2018, pupils from the 3 primary schools will come together in year 7 and perform collaboratively.

Contact name: 
Laura Davison, Learning and Participation Leader
Lead organisation: 
Project duration: 
Monday, 8 January, 2018 to Sunday, 31 March, 2019
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Age ranges: 
Delivery area: 
Cold spots, Colchester, Essex
Roman River Music
South Green Farmhouse
East of England
United Kingdom
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