Meet The Fisherman is a 4 piece band doing their project at MEL studiios

Meet the Fishermen is a 4-piece band and the type of music they play is Rock. They currently aspire to record 6 songs together, which, after being mixed and mastered will be uploaded to a newly created website. Meet the Fishermen will market and promote their work through a series of live dates across London.

These boys have worked with various bands as individuals and decided to form a band together to create the sound they all love. They are already committed to recording their first 3 albums in MELs studio, with funding from Youth Music and are now learning how to use the Audient Desk/Compressors and effects for themselves.  They have gained experiences in mixing their track at local ‘High Street Studios’ and have learnt how to get the best results from production. Their recent experiences have increased their knowledge and understanding of new technologies, improved their learning and greatly boosted confidence.

This will lead to greater independence, and an ability to work collaboratively with their peers in a group environment, sharing experiences and influences with others young musicians on the programme.

We have chosen to work with Meet the Fishermen because of the commitment they have already shown in getting this far, and because of the mainstream appeal of their music. We believe that Meet the Fishermen possess the quality, inspiring personalities and verve needed to create waves in the business. This belief is evidenced by audiences’ responses to previous live performances.

Contact name: 
Michael Francis
Project duration: 
Tuesday, 2 May, 2017 to Wednesday, 2 May, 2018
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Acton, London
MEL Productions CIC
25 Churchfield Road
W3 6BD
United Kingdom
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