Music is a Vibration

  • by Fay

    Thursday, 18 January, 2018 - 16:17

Music is a Vibration is co-produced and developed by Tom Peel (Lead Musician) and Justin Wiggan (Lead Artist)  Working together with six young people with sensory impairments and complex communication needs they are exploring sensory musical composition. The final 'sensorial' composition will be presented as an interactive exhibition.

During the early stages of the project the main objective of the sessions was to build relationships between facilitators, support staff and the young musicians. Through games and activities the artists got to know the communication methods and variety of musical interests within the group. This was a key factor to assist the cohesion of the group and to empower the participants to engage with an array of new instruments and technical equipment. The young musicians were initially introduced to the idea of turning sound frequencies into visual marks with the help of a variety of sofware and hardware. This involved activities such as drawing on graphics tablets linked to Kandinsky 'noise graffiti' software. Kandinsky allowed everyone to bridge the connection from the pressure and direction of their marks to the sounds created, recorded and played back on loop. This was then developed further by the young musicians speaking and recording their names, then manipulating their voices on a digital spinner to explore pitches in a fun and creative way. From these early workshops, the marks created from the young people's names were turned into 'Sonic Tags' (pictured) which when scanned, created a frequency. This was then transferred into a SubPac vest, which intensifies low frequencies into vibrations, so the young musicians were fully immersed in the sounds created from the graphics they had previously produced. These 'Sonic Tags' are now on exhibition at TouchBase Pears. Each session builds on the development from previous sessions and the young musicians have shown an eagerness to learn more. Tom and Justin work very closely with the support staff and make sure the workshops have a wide variety of sensorial musical activities for continual engagement, whilst keeping an element of surprise, creating an exciting build-up for the young musicians upcoming Music is a Vibration exhibition.





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Sunney Sharma
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Thursday, 18 May, 2017 to Tuesday, 31 July, 2018
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Birmingham, West Midlands
TouchBase Pears
Bristol Road
West Midlands
B29 6NA
United Kingdom
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