Words Not Weapons

'Words Not Weapons' was initially set up in response to growing tension between young people from rival housing estates.

Words Not Weapons (original album 2012)

The project was put together to address the growing fear of knife and improvised weapon crime amongst children and young people in our neighbourhoods.Through an album release, tour, radio shows and a documentary.

WNW brought groups of young people together for one cause - take weapons off our streets. All the young rappers came together, putting their existing arguments aside, to record an award winning album and play three gigs in Rowner, Leigh Park and Portsmouth.

Download the original album HERE


Watch the Words Not Weapons (Original) Documentary

Words Not Weapons (Strong Choices 2013)


Working with 23 UK young HIP HOP artists, Music Fusion have recorded a high profile album entitled 'Words not Weapons - Strong Choices', including feature tracks from Mic Righteous, English Frank, Genesis Elijah, Logic and Nate. This is the second album where our top young MCs have worked together for one cause... to raise the profile of knife crime / improvised weapons in our community.

Jinx Prowse (Music Fusion CEO) said, "It is great to see our young people dedicate their time and energy to an issue which means so much to them. This is a unique project with young UK hip hop artists joining forces to make their communities a safer place."

The album has been recorded and produced at the East Street Studio and was launched May 2013. Music Fusion would like to thank our sponsors; EMI, Jobsite, Youth Music and Greggs.

Watch the Words Not Weapons (Strong Choices) Documentary

Listen to the Strong Choices album

Music Fusion thank MicRighteous, English Frank, Genesis Elijah, 
Nate, Logic and Tenchoo for thier support of this album. 

Rappers take to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall

RISING stars from a youth music charity in Havant trod in the footsteps of the likes of Frank Sinatra and Adele as they took to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Rappers Chloe Hine, 13, and Matty Stevens, 19, both from Havant, were chosen to perform as part of the Business in Community Awards at the iconic venue. 

Jinx Prowse, who runs Music Fusion, said: ‘The night was so special, the performances were great and we also won a national award for 'inspiring social action in young people'. 

Matty, whose stage name is Blessed, said: ‘It felt brilliant to be picked to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, me and Chloe were rehearsing for weeks – we were so excited. It was beyond words – not many people can say they have played there. The whole experience was so cool.’

The two teenagers performed to more than 1,000 people including VIPs such as the Prime Minister, James Corden and Joanna Lumley. There was even a recorded message from Prince Charles at the event endorsing the awards ceremony.Mr Prowse said: ‘It’s been a great experience for Chloe, Matty and everyone. When we launched our first album at the Havant Spring centre we invited EMI and Jobsite. A lady from Business in the Community came and was astonished by some of the talent.’

The charity started in 2011 when they approached gangs in Fareham, Gosport, Leigh Park and Portsmouth about why they carried weapons. Music Fusion encouraged them to end the feud and make music. The Words Not Weapons project has so far released two albums featuring Music Fusion members alongside five professional artists.

 This article was published on the 22nd July 2013 


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