'Making Tracks' is an exciting new Youth Music funded project - in partnership with Trinity Community Arts, Basement Studios and ACE Bristol - that from February 2018 will be providing life-changing music making experiences and enable young people from challenging circumstances to take the first steps in their music-making journey.

“Everyone a Musician” is an exciting new project happening now at Redcliffe Children’s Centre, Bristol, made possible by funding from Youth Music.
Its aim is to promote music within the Centre and community by providing expert training and education, quality performances and a lasting music legacy.
We believe that music is integral to learning and well-being and is the foundation that underpins our beautiful diverse society.
And it all starts with children.                                                                                                
By providing them with musical opportunities and skilled tutoring the heart of our city will sing.
Joseph Cooper - Music Coordinator

The Amber Music Project aims to create a music facility and programme at Ashley Court - a supported housing scheme for vulnerable young people in Devon. The project will give residents the opportunity to engage in the exploration and creation of music, as well as plenty of opportunities for self-expression and confidence building.


Open School Orchestras (OSO) is a growing national movement supporting music hubs, arts organisations and schools in giving SEN/Disabled young musicians opportunities to play in an ensemble and perform. OpenUp Music provide resources to facilitate this - adapted musical repertoire, schemes of work, and a new generation of accessible musical instruments - alongside training and support for music leaders and school staff.

Join Daisi’s Soundwaves and help bring the transformative power of music to the children and young people most in need
Children and young people can experience challenges in their lives through their immediate social, economic or geographic environment, physical or learning disabilities or other factors. Music is a vital ingredient in bringing about personal and social change for these children.
Daisi’s role is to bring together and support people, places and organisations who want to bring the transformative power of music to those most in need.

An Early Years Music Learning Network for the Southwest

Authentic Music is a monthly live music venue for young people aged 14-18 years old. Young musicians are provided with a platform to perform original material or covers as well as being inspired by established music acts. The project also provides rehearsal space and instrument workshop for young budding musicians.

The DJing for Girls project will offer music genre research, learning technical skills in DJ workshops, taster sessions, open days, open mic sessions, recording and performance.

The VJing project will offer music genre research, audio-visual workshops, taster sessions, open days, open mic sessions, recording and performance.

The project will run for ten weeks each term. Each half term there will be a 'Showing Sharing Show' for families and friends. Activities include
playing instruments, learning tunes from England and around the world, making and creating new tunes, and swapping skills, along with performance opportunities.

A core of twenty junior students will come together and workshop ideas, writing songs about the things they want to write songs about. The songs will then be taken to a wider (80-strong) mixed-age choir for the finishing touches and the magical addition of choral harmony.

The project will provide music workshops for children of young parent families living in Cornwall. The children will experience a variety of musical activities including using musical instruments and learning sign language whilst singing songs. Their parents will gain skills and learn songs to continue music making at home.