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Regular Music sessions for Girls only.

This is a two-tier project that develops a team of Assistant Music Leaders for a new music workforce whilst simultaneously delivering high quality music-making activity for young people to create immediate and lasting impacts for their social development and musical progression.

The project is delivered in 2 phases with time to pause and reflect in between so we may improve the delivery programme where appropriate/required. 

Each phase will support 4 musicians (young adults) to become Assistant Music Leaders through formal training, 1-2-1 mentoring and support, practical work experience and undertaking a nationally recognised qualification in Education & Training (level3).

70 young people facing a range of challenging circumstances will be recruited on to music residencies based in our music studio and education workshop, in Leicester city centre. Over 20hours of engagement young people will improve their technical musical skills and abilities, create an EP in collaboration with their peers, widen their networks and improve their social abilities, all whilst completing an Arts Award to recognise their achievements. 

An initiation and action research project to explore the best way to regularly engage service providers of youth justice and looked after children and gain their commitment to music activity for young people.

An 18 month programme of Mentoring and Weekly Music workshops for residents of Leicester YMCA, embedding staff development, Arts Award Bronze and embedding music with in the wider YMCA. The programme aims to boost the resilience of young people with chaotic backgrounds through high quality music sessions and mentoring.

The project will provide young people with the opportunity to explore their development through music, offering training in music production, event management and DJ school with the guidance of other talented young people.

The project aims to raise aspirations of young people in challenging circumstances through demonstrating money-making opportunities by marketing and selling their intellectual property. The young people will develop musical and business skills by creating and running a digital record label.

The programme will provide early preventative and high quality music-making opportunities to engage children and young people at elevated risk (predominantly those not in education, employment or training) to improve their experience of the transition to independent adulthood.

Primary-aged disabled children and their families from all over Northamptonshire will develop music-making skills through participation in regular monthly sessions, working with professional music leaders and accessing live music. Sessions will also aid to increase confidence, communication skills and wellbeing, and hopefully foster a lifelong love of music-making.

The project will engage with the young people of Leicester and give them the opportunity to take part in Urban/Soul/R&B singing activities. These activities are of great interest to this age group and are in extremely low supply in Leicester.

soundTRAIN is an initiative providing trainee and shadowing opportunities for musicians and music leaders allowing them to work alongside experienced and skilled music leaders. soundTRAIN aims to make a contribution to the development and employability of the region’s music leaders.

Disadvantaged children will take part in an Indian-Classical musical activity which will nurture their creativity and offer them challenging opportunities which will in turn
help to improve their life chances.
They will have the chance to perform in front of a live audience and also be given the opportunity to further their musical talents in a professional environment.