Greenstead Soundscapes is a new partnership between Roman River Music and the secondary school and feeder primary schools on Greenstead Estate, Colchester, an area of social deprivation and low access to arts and cultural engagement when compared to the national average.

Professional musicians will work with the pupils to compose an innovative piece of music that is responsive to themselves and their locality. During the project the pupils will compose a piece of music exploring their feelings and emotions during their transition from primary to secondary school.  

The year 6 pupils will perform their compositions at an in-school concert at the end of the summer term 2018. As they progress to secondary school in autumn 2018, pupils from the 3 primary schools will come together in year 7 and perform collaboratively.

This project will engage professional musicians, songwriters and producers, to work with young people aged 12-18 to support them to create their own music and lyrics.  The project will enable the young people to perform their songs infront of new audiences and in new spaces.  The young people will work in two groups to record their songs as an EP which will be released on the digital market with an accmpanying music video for at least one of the chosen tracks for each group.  The project will help the young peope to understand the music industry beter and help to signpost them should they want to do more with their music after this project has finished.

Little Music Makers is a weekly music group for pre-school children and their parents/carers in East Chesterton, Cambridge. It is run by the Chesterton Parents' Group, a voluntary group that organises free or low cost activities for the under fives.

Show Me How is a youth mentor music development program.  Young people aged 16-24 will build on their passion for music, learn new skills and access opportunities to use theise skills to mentor other young people aged 11-24.  The young mentors will work with professional musicians who have experience in teaching, the professionals will develop the young mentors to be able to support young people on their musical journey as singers, drummers, guitarists, music producers and sound technicials.  These young mentors through the proejct will use these skills to gain experience by supporting and mentoring other young people to learn new skills.

Aldeburgh Sings will provide sustained musical engagement opportunities for young people in Suffolk. The three year programme will create two vocal strands, one in the north of the county, in Lowestoft, and one in the south of the county, in Ipswich. The two towns represent some of the most challenging circumstances facing young people in Suffolk, from those defined as NEET and at risk of social exclusion in Lowestoft to those from ethnic minority groups and non-English speaking in Ipswich.

The project will provide high quality music activity, facilitation and positive role models in Essex for young people with learning disability. Activity will include taster workshops in special schools, family music days, monthly music-making workshops, a summer music school, with training, support and development of the music workforce.

In spring and autumn 2014, Spitalfields Music will tour a brand-new series of Musical Rumpus to libraries and community venues in Newham and Barking & Dagenham, bringing high-quality music-theatre sessions to young children and families at elevated risk, in support of children's development, family cohesion and local practitioners' development.

The project will deliver music workshops for children and young people in rural villages in South Holland. The projects will include singing, playing instruments, music and movement, composition, ensemble performances, as well as a young music leader training programme.

The project will provide musical taster sessions and 12-hour individually tailored programmes of music-based mentoring for disabled young people using assistive or adaptive technologies. The participants will have the option of delivering a final celebratory performance to their family and peers.

A two year project based in Norwich for young people to develop their band, music technology and DJing skills. The project will then refer them to further opportunities.

Participants will be enabled to acquire and expand the necessary skills in playing for dancing, and organising events such as Folk Days and Ceilidhs.They will be exposed to a wide range of folk activities through monthly meetings. There will be opportunities for performance and regular reflection on all activity.

The project is a vocal-based initiative to engage vulnerable young people at HMYOI Warren Hill with high quality arts provision. It will enable the development of practical and social skills through the arts and ultimately encourage re-engagement with other education provision.