Balaat an up an coming Producer and Singer working on her project supported by Youth Music

A project aiming at young people developing skills and increasing independence through music participation

 UCRE8 'U BEAT' Project will provide after school and school holiday music activities for children and young people to learn

to play a percussion instruments including Caribbean steel pans, Samba drums.Participants would be supported in forming

regular bands.

Hot Rubber is a 4 piece band currently working with MEL Productions CIC with the support of Youth Music

We are pleased to be working with BOYS 4 piece girl band one of the young people on the Youth Music Project.

Greenstead Soundscapes is a new partnership between Roman River Music and the secondary school and feeder primary schools on Greenstead Estate, Colchester, an area of social deprivation and low access to arts and cultural engagement when compared to the national average.

Professional musicians will work with the pupils to compose an innovative piece of music that is responsive to themselves and their locality. During the project the pupils will compose a piece of music exploring their feelings and emotions during their transition from primary to secondary school.  

The year 6 pupils will perform their compositions at an in-school concert at the end of the summer term 2018. As they progress to secondary school in autumn 2018, pupils from the 3 primary schools will come together in year 7 and perform collaboratively.

This project will engage professional musicians, songwriters and producers, to work with young people aged 12-18 to support them to create their own music and lyrics.  The project will enable the young people to perform their songs infront of new audiences and in new spaces.  The young people will work in two groups to record their songs as an EP which will be released on the digital market with an accmpanying music video for at least one of the chosen tracks for each group.  The project will help the young peope to understand the music industry beter and help to signpost them should they want to do more with their music after this project has finished.

'Making Tracks' is an exciting new Youth Music funded project - in partnership with Trinity Community Arts, Basement Studios and ACE Bristol - that from February 2018 will be providing life-changing music making experiences and enable young people from challenging circumstances to take the first steps in their music-making journey.

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“Everyone a Musician” is an exciting new project happening now at Redcliffe Children’s Centre, Bristol, made possible by funding from Youth Music.
Its aim is to promote music within the Centre and community by providing expert training and education, quality performances and a lasting music legacy.
We believe that music is integral to learning and well-being and is the foundation that underpins our beautiful diverse society.
And it all starts with children.                                                                                                
By providing them with musical opportunities and skilled tutoring the heart of our city will sing.
Joseph Cooper - Music Coordinator