Generation Uncovered are providing rehearsal space and performance opportunities for anyome under 24.
33 Borough Tour -  Touring around london, we will offer performance opportunities and artist development workshops.
S.Q.U.A.S.H - Harmony Collective - A group of artists collaborate on songs building confidence and gainging support with their music
Wildcard Revo - Headliner Performance & Open Mic - Each memeber of the group gets a chance to headline an event with support from the other artists.

PALAVA is a youth music and radio project designed to engage young people residing in Lambeth who are involved in or assessed as being at risk of becoming involved in youth gangs and other anti social behaviour such as violence.

Classes:  MC/Spoken Word, Keyboard Skills for Songwriting and Music Production. 11-16s

I am looking for parents, carers and teachers of children with Autism who are willing to take part in anonymous questionnaire

I am looking for parents, carers and teachers of children with Autism who are willing to take part in anonymous questionnaire

A practical theory based 8-week programme delivered to small groups of 6 young musicians in school using music as a therapeutic medium and tool. 
We offer two different programmes, one focused on themes surrounding challenging behaviours and the other on themes relevant those struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem and low confidence. 
Both groups make extensive use of instruments and will develop performing, arranging and songwriting skills through various tasks.

Sloop Group is a ensemble of young musicians who write, record and perform their own music. The work the group creates spans multiple genres, dipping into contemporary classical, rock , jazz, music theatre and folk. They are keen colllaborators and have worked with the OAE, as well as numerous composers including James Whittle. They have even met and shared their work with the Master of the Queen's Music, Judith Weir. Please follow the link to the Sound Cloud page to listen to some of Sloop Group's orginal and exciting work.

Young DaDa Ensemble is the expansion of a successful pilot project to deliver accessible music-based activities to 70 young people in Liverpool over a period of two years. It will present progression routes for aspiring musicians, provide musical role models and help affect organisational change.

The Gamelan from North East Lincolnshire was on loan in North Lincolnshire, hosted by Melior Community Academy and South Park Enterprise College. Weekly sessions were delivered to pre-NEETs from three primary schools, and Melior students. At South Park, music practitioners worked with students with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties who are not attending mainstream school. The Gamelan project aims to increase confidence, team working skills and communication, by learning both traditional pieces, and improvising.

Rock Academy is a session for young people aged 11-19 and is delivered on a Thursday evening 6:30-8:30pm at Kimberley Performing Arts Centre, Scunthorpe. Young people work with experienced musicians to learn instruments, improvisation, performance, technology and vocal work. The group regularly perform at their own gigs and other special events.

Children under 5s and children aged 5-7, and their families, can join in music, movement, songs and rhymes, based on traditional songs and games, to focus on the development of language, communication, listening and the foundations of music. Saturday mornings during term-time as part of the Music Centre at Frederick Gough School, Scunthorpe.

Free music making sessions for disabled children under 5 and their families, delivered as part of Leo's Club at Kaleidoscope, Action for Children, Scunthorpe, in partnership with ISDC Early Years Inclusion Team. Monday's 1-3pm during term-time.