The MFY Regional Festival Series is the gateway to the MFY season. During February, March and April 50,000 young musicians take part in over 70 festivals at venues across the UK. Regional Festivals provide a unique opportunity for groups to perform to new audiences, listen to other groups from their area and get valuable feedback from the team of MFY Music Mentors. New festivals for 2012 will take place in Perth, Inverness, Glasgow, Buxton, Staffordshire and London. It's completely free to take part and your group could also be eligible for a travel bursary to help towards travel costs.

NGT are young event managers with a passion for providing Bristol's fine musical talent with opportunitites for a range of young local artists, bands and dancers to perform alongside headline acts.

The original and best songwriting workshop in Bristol! A melting pot of creative ideas and musical imagination where you can develop your songwriting skills at your own pace every Saturday morning at 10am until 1.30pm.

Starring: Professional DJ's, Producers, Engineers, Sound Designers, Bespoke instrument makers, Electronic Composers, Improvisers and Performers. Every Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm.

Fun and Creative Music Making Sessions for 5 - 13 year olds!

CMCs early years sessions, introducing 0 to 5 year olds to the wonderful world of music in a fun and playful way!

A project offering young musicians aged 9 -18 from Leeds and the surrounding regions the opportunity to work with leading artists

Nice Warm Socks an audio and web-based singing resource for use in education and therapy.

Generator & Youth Music Residential CPD 19th/20th Nov 2011

Youth Music Action Zones working together to take talented young bands on the road.

A music project targeting primary and secondary school students in the Leeds area.