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Our experience of using free online music video creation software from Rotor Videos as part of the Concept Music Programme

First Notes is soundLINCS’ exciting music resource app for use in Early Years (EY) settings or by parents and carers at home – especially those without any previous experience of music. It’s packed full of exercises and activities designed to suit all ability levels to help with a child’s development in and outside of music.

Tiny Sparks: Improving pre-school language development through music in two deprived areas of Leicester


Project Summary: February-May 2017:

Musicians Arun Ghosh and Dave ‘Stickman’ Higgins were in residence linked to children’s centres in the east and west pre-school clusters, for 2 days over an 11 week period, working with vulnerable children and their families in each location. They worked with 427 participants in either private nurseries or local authority children’s centres. CPD was an important feature of the project with parents and setting staff working alongside both musicians in each session, plus specific cpd sessions for staff. Culminating in a visit by nearly 50 people to see Whoosh a high quality live music performance as part of the Spark Festival specifically created for 1-4 year olds.  3-4 weeks after the end of the project the musicians returned to see how staff and children were progressing. Each setting was left with a selection of relevant musical instruments and also a film resource which captured ideas, schemes of work and provided suggestions for future activities. This was to ensure participants have the tools to continue and the skills/confidence to use them. 

Valuing Music in Special Needs Settings is practitioner led research which explores a range of music making and singing approaches for whole class teaching (WCT) and group work in Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) schools.

InMusicInMedia offers a range of music based mentoring & youth development programmes delivered by professional musicians, producers and artists

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This post is about Northamptonshire Music Education Hub’s "Inclusive Ensemble" initiative - part of our Fund B “Music Forge” programme – developed in partnership with Friar's Academy (SEN/D school, secondary level) in Wellingborough. It describes how our relationship with the school and the young people has developed over time, and draws some conclusions about what’s made the project work so successfully for all involved over the longer term.

Exploring approaches to facilitating Arts Award through creative work.

Leicester music projects - Urban influences