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I am at the end of third day of the Walking the Boundaries, Bridging the Gap Community Music conference here in Waterloo, Ontario. 140 people sharing research, case studies, playing and listening in the context of the only CM masters and undergrad courses in Canada. 

Having your owm music room can have great benefits, both for you and your children. However, before you create it, consider the following things.

So, your child wants to learn how to play an instrument? Here are a few ideas that might help you help your children in answering the most important question - which instrument should they choose?

In November 2016 specialist music leader and consultant Ros Hawley travelled to Copenhagen to work with musicians from Figura Enesmble, on a project set up by Manchester-based creative consultancy Con Brio.   Here she describes the impact of this exchange of skills and practice on the musicians, school staff and children involved. 

Every two years musicians, educators, thinkers, researchers, teachers and young people gather for the main ISME conference in different parts of the world. This year, Glasgow - 2 years ago Porto Allegre - before that Greece, Beijing....

Translating practice to new contexts is always interesting and the ten years of working in Hong Kong and southern China have been an interesting journey.

This article sketches out a set of songwriting lesson plans for KS2 pupils who are learning english as a second language (ESOL). Additionally, it offers an opportunity to exchange music and letters with a primary school in the island nation of Kiribati! 

TANDEM “Community & Participation” is the latest addition to the TANDEM scheme. It is for cultural organisations working in the field of voluntary arts, community arts, (non-formal) arts & citizen education and other forms of creative community development.

This TANDEM program is for organisations based in the Netherlands who want to set up long-term working relations with organisations based in Germany, Belgium, and the UK.