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If you are reading this then you know and understand Youth Music’s vision - that life-changing music-making should be available to all children and young people. AllStars music, our Fund B initiative, explores integration as a step forward for the musical inclusion agenda.

I have often come across the struggle transitioning/adapting participants of small vocal/music workshops to larger ones...........All added ideas are welcome! 

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PILL FESTIVAL BAND:- Is a mixed ability concert band of all ages and any instruments playing a range of musical genres under a professional (paid) Musical Director.

PILL BEGINNERS BAND:- Provides any instrument and tuition to beginners of any age who gradually become incorporated into the festival band..

CROCKERNE PRIMARY MUSIC CLUB:- Provides a variety of instruments and musical tuition to years 3,4,5,6 on condition that they play in Pill Beginners Band.

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    Thu 23 Feb 2017

Session 4 - January 2017


My Tunes 3 continues the legacy of My Tunes, with Take Art, Actiontrack and young people in four Pupil Referral Units working together to make and record music in a range of styles. This work has been made possible through a grant from Youth Music and financial support from four area PRU schools.

The new year brought fresh hopes and talent to the January’s Hope Creative session. During a mentorship meeting myself and Lu decided to introduce the music recording process to the participants. I have a rudimentary recording set up that I use for my youtube channel so I bought in the microphone and interface and we hooked it up to Lu’s laptop and ran a popular and intuitive program called GarageBand.

Musical play is a very important part of The Music Work's current Youth Music-funded project “Playing Around Sound”.  Through an action research approach we are working with deaf children aged 8 or under, their siblings and their parents, in order to find out what approaches to active music-making “work”. We aim to develop a pedagogy for this audience of carefully chosen repertoire, musical instruments and ways of presenting an environment that is conducive to musical play.

Here are some thoughts about Musical Play because popping bubblewrap, for example, is not a "conventional" choice of musical activity.

But this post won't tell you what musical play is. Hopefully it just helps to explain why musical play is difficult to explain and evaluate.