Exchanging Notes Interim Report: Year 3

  • by Carol Reid

    Thursday, 1 February, 2018 - 17:17

Researchers at Birmingham City University have been appointed to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Youth Music’s four-year Exchanging Notes programme. This report contains their findings at the end of Year Three.

Exchanging Notes is a four-year action research programme pioneering new partnerships between schools and music education providers who normally work in out-of-school settings.


  • To ensure that young people at risk of low attainment, disengagement oreducational exclusion achieve the best musical, educational and wider outcomes through participation in a pioneering music education project; and to develop new models of effective partnership-working between schools and out-of-school music providers.

Intended outcomes

  • To improve the quality and standards of music delivery for children and young people.
  • To embed learning and effective practice in host and partner organisations and share practice beyond the project.
  • To improve young people’s educational and wider developmental outcomes.
  • To develop the creative, expressive and musical ability of young people.

Factors that place young people at risk of educational exclusion or disengagement might include (but are not limited to) ethnicity, gender, socio-economic background, having special educational needs, family difficulties, or living in care. The young people from each partnership are taking part in sustained project activity from September 2014 through to July 2018.

Delivery takes place in schools, or a combination of in-school and out-of-school. A key aspect of the project is the exploration of provision and the development of pedagogical approaches that complement existing school music provision.


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