Youth Music awards grants for eighty-eight new projects

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    Thursday, 30 August, 2012 - 10:50

Youth Music is pleased to announce that 88 organisations have been offered funding in the second round of the Youth Music Programme.

Youth Music today announced plans to kick start 88 new music projects throughout England with the release of over £4m in funding to organisations providing music-making opportunities for children and young people.

Youth Music’s grants support a range of musical activity for children and young people, particularly those facing challenging circumstances. The 88 new projects will provide transformative musical experiences for many young including those risk from exclusion, children in care and those coping with disability. Activities will cover a wide range of music genres including folk, jazz, classical, urban and rock music.

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director, Youth Music says:

“We know that in times of austerity more young people are slipping through the net. There are many organisations out there who believe in the power of music and want to transform the lives of young people in their locality. Our grants go some way towards making this happen. Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of funding to distribute and in this round we had to turn down £10m worth of applications.  This means many young people, particularly those hardest to reach, may miss out on the benefits that music making can have on their lives. We hope that through partnerhship and collaboration we will all be able to achieve more for those with least."

Download the list of Round 2 / 2012 awards by region.

Download the list of Round 2 / 2012 awards by funding module.

Download our summary of all awards made in 2012

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Kate_MB's picture

Excellent news. Hooray! Which of those are early years projects do you know? I think I can see that North Music Trust (The Sage Gateshead, right?) is an EYER, and I know from working with Sightlines that theirs will be an EY projects too, but what about the rest? Will all these funded projects get listed on here? It would be great to know the best way to find out more about any of these projects.
Thanks Toby :)

Toby R.'s picture

Hi Kate,

17 orgs have been funding under the Early Years in Elevated risk module. Click on the link in the article that says 'Download list of Round 2 / 2012 awards by funding module' to see the organisations that have received awards.

Strongly recommend any orgs that have received funding to have a profile on the Youth Music Network so that people can find you!

Kate_MB's picture

Excellent thanks for that, Toby. Do you know are any of the 'open' modules early years programmes of work? I'll keep an eye out for new projects then, as I'm always keen to know what others are up to in the early years world, as there is so much excellent practice out there. If you search 'early years', do any early years projects and organisations come up through search result?

Nick Wilsdon's picture

Hi Kate, I have emailed a list to you! Best Wishes Nick

Kate_MB's picture

Thanks very much for that Nick, that's perfect :)

Toby R.'s picture

Hi Kate,

We are working on some improvements to our search bar so that when you search for a term e.g 'early years' you will then be able to filter by projects, blogs etc. There are a couple of bugs to fix but hope to have this sorted shortly. We are also looking at how we can list all newly funded projects in a searchable directory (or plotted on a map). Stay tuned. Any ideas or comments from the community most welcome. Toby

Kate_MB's picture

That all sounds brilliant, thanks for the update. A searchable directory for newly funded projects sounds ideal. I think map plotting may be very beneficial too, as then you can find what is near to you, and strengthen your working partnerships with people you can meet up with, and possibly visit to shadow their work. Thanks Toby