Weekly news digest

OK, so we've got a host of helicopters; a gargantuan gaggle of musicians; two choirs; octophonic sound; a Radio 1 DJ and two separate performance halls...

...no it's not James Bond, The Musical, but they do all feature in just one of this week's news stories. Stockhausen has a lot to answer for.

The IDS Factor: Minister challenges Simon Cowell to sign his music company to flagship work experience scheme

Business investment in the arts falls by 7 per cent in Midlands

Stockhausen opera to be staged in full for first time – helicopters and all

Young cellists go in Deep

800 children make music in Gloucestershire

The adult pop smash is a thing of the past

Orbital: "People want to dance!" (I'm rather partial to a Fandango)

One Direction: the fab five take America (steady yourselves, girls)

And on that note, we'll take flight for another week. My chopper awaits.

Until next time, newsfans.