Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Music Making Projects: Part Two – Workforce Development, Accreditation and Sustainability

This resource explores how those delivering music-making projects have overcome challenges with workforce development, accreditation and sustainability. The information comes from evaluation reports provided from projects funded by Youth Music for the charity's 2011-2012 Impact Report.

In reviewing final reports and additional information for the Youth Music Impact Report 2011-2012, the Grants and Learning team found many interesting stories about the variety of challenges encountered by our funded projects. They showed a great deal of resourcefulness in finding solutions – from straightforward and practical to highly creative and innovative.

No project is ever without its unforeseen challenges, no matter how well planned and executed, so we thought that their experiences would be worth sharing for the benefit of others who may well find themselves in similar situations.

Several themes emerged from our research. Part one looked at recruiting and engaging children and young people and this second part explores workforce development, accreditation and sustainability.

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