Tuning in to children’s musicality - nurturing children’s ideas

This collection of practice write-ups, research papers and films reflects on the work of Sightlines Initiative in their Youth Music funded programme 'The Drama of Sound'.

From 2007 to 2011 Sightlines carried out a series of projects with the overall focus of tuning in to children's musicality, exploring musicality as an expressive language in early childhood education.

This online resource collection reflects on the work of Sightlines Initiative and shares their approach to learning.

'In this set of projects, our focus has been around musicality. We wanted to explore how we could better offer the concept of music, of listening, of aural capacities, in the early years learning environment. We worked together to support an educational practice which maximises the potential for children to explore, to make enquiries, to exchange their ideas with one another and to express them. Musicality is an intrinsic part of the possible languages of expression that we as human beings, children, have as a potential to understand the world'  -Robin Duckett, Sightlines Initiative director.

For information on other Sightlines' projects, news, membership and to access their online store (containing a wealth of resources to inspire and guide early years education) please visit the Sightlines Initiative website.

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