Funded by Youth Music, Sound Connections’ Innovate programme strives to enable emerging practitioners and smaller organisations to create new musical approaches and ideas for working with disadvantaged young people.

At Creative Futures, as part of our Early Years project ‘Music for Change’ in north Westminster, we’ve been lucky to work with NHS Speech & Language Therapists (SLT) from Central London Community Healthcare. The collaboration is taking place in nurseries, as part of the SLTs’ role to support Early Years Professionals in the identification and nurturing of children with emerging or low-lying speech & language delay.

In spring 2015, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) was awarded funding through Sound Connections’ Innovate Fund to pilot and launch a brand-new children’s orchestra for young musicians in Thamesmead and Erith, Bexley. Delivered in partnership with Bird College – the borough’s Music Service and lead Music Education Hub partner – the Bexley North Borough Orchestra was created to provide children aged 9-10 (Year 5) with a progression route to continue their musical development following the borough’s provision of First Access whole-class instrumental tuition for all Year 4 pupils.

Funded by Sound Connections’ Innovate Fund, the London Gay Men’s Chorus Sing Out project used song-writing to explore issues faced by young LBGT people and empower them to express themselves creatively, improving their musicianship and well-being.

Following huge success in the first and second year, the Wired4Music Leadership Programme is back! 

Awards of £1000 are available for groups and organisations working with young people and using music for health and rehabilitation purposes.

As part of the Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts programme, the children prepared for a performance on International Roma Day 9th April 2016. Rapper Remi joined the children over several workshops to develop the children’s song-writing skills. 

The Kámoši Juniors Group were fortunate to be joined by Sashwati and Wellington from The Satellite State Disko, a troupe of Manchester DJ’s who create unique and exceptional Eastern-European, Balkan, Gypsy beats and blends.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start a young carers choir, I thought to myself, two years ago. The idea came to me after I started teaching myself guitar at the age of 25 and found, to my surprise, that I could sing. But I had no musical qualifications or experience. I didn’t come from a musical family or a musical background and had never had lessons before. All I knew was that music had changed something inside of me, it had healed me and I thought that maybe it would have the same effect on the young carers I worked with. This is the story of the Hampshire Young Carers Choir...

In December 2015, the Hampshire Young Carers Choir, funded by Youth Music, worked with Musicians at Newtwon Studio to perfrom at Southampton Football stadium for the STAR awards.

BBC Young Jazz Musician semi-finalist, jazz saxophonist Asha (age 16) has less than 24 hours to go on her Voices Beyond Divisions appeal to create an intercultural children's choir to encourage mutual tolerance and counter extreme radicalism of young people.  As with the East-West Divan Orchestra and other well-known projects, it's trying to use music as a unifying force for social and political change.The idea is to counter extremist radicalisation of young people. There'll be fun games and workshops, input from charities like Syria Relief and a performance of a work specially written for the choir (by Asha) at St. James Piccadilly on November 12th 2016

The good news is that she's now raised enough to go ahead - a bit more than shows on the Crowdfunder site in fact as some were baffled by the online faff and just sent cheques instead.

We're still looking for some more to fund all of the planned activities, so if you're able to pledge (even £2 will help more children to take part), the route is open until 20th April at 10.10 pm and all contributions will be gratefully received!


  • by Dove

    Fri 8 Apr 2016

The impact of the Youth Music funding to support WAC Arts Upnorth a Showrunners project... Finally came to a huge crucendo in The MISUNDERSTOOD youth festival at The City Of Liverpool College Arts Centre where Showrunners & WAC is based. Many young people from across Liverpool and Greater Merseyside and prodominantely from BAME, Low Income and Deprived communities had a platform to Perform, Discuss and Share why they feel they are Misunderstood at School, by Parents, their Peers and Society...
The Mind The WAC - Infomercial gives you an insight into the world of these young artists from week to week throught this amazing project. Which we are empowering young people to change their world!!!!
Dove Ross-Williams and Paul Kincade Showrunners Directors