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I’ve been working a lot recently on problems; not challenges; problems. Things that need fixing. Take, for example, the fact that there are a great deal of opportunities for young people to make music and realise their musical potential. On the matrix of music (don’t ask me to draw it, please) they range from the super-formal, to the mega-zany and include lots of examples of stuff that is in more than one place on the continuum at the same time (which is why I don’t want to draw it). One very significant problem is that there is next to nothing for musically-inclined young people (yeah, I know they pretty much all are) who have a special educational need and/or are disabled. Sure, there is some stuff. Some organisations do really good stuff. But, on the grand scheme of things, it’s just stuff. If the funding stops, so does the stuff. 

A look at where Make Some Noise is now with one of its Music Education Hub partners, the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Music Education Hub and a collaboration to increase universal access to whole class music making

I feel somewhat vulnerable writing this as what I’m about to explain might make it seem like, before my soon to be explained ‘light bulb’ moment occurred, I was ignorant of what I now so clearly see. But, if the lightbulb has illuminated this new truth to me, then I think that, whilst in the dimness of my ignorance, I was still aware of this thing’s existence, albeit murkily.

It seems that over the last 6 months all I have been doing, whether in conversation, email, or any other form of communication, is try to articulate exactly what it is A New Ambition is and what it aims to achieve. I like to think that, each time I do so, I get a little bit better at it. Lately I have found myself wondering why, in a sector that has an overabundance of skill, knowledge and experience, we seem to keep coming back round to the same old issue of how to explain what a top notch, inclusive music education offer is. Well, I think that we know what it is, we are just crap at explaining it.

Do you have a musical talent but need support, guidance and financial help?

Fundraising target of £30k to enable 60 young singers to participate in 2016 programme.

We're now three years into the National Plan for Music Education. Here's my thoughts on what needs to happen in the next phase.

To support children eligible for Free School Meals additional funding was made available to provide a range of opportunities. This gave our music team the chance to create and lead their own summer schools targeting their most vulnerable students for an effective and smooth transition from Years 6 to 7.

We are inviting Sound Connections members to submit inspiring proposals for our ninth round of Innovate funding.

What is the Arts Award Access Fund?

The Access Fund provides grants of between £100-£1500 to Arts Award centres working on Arts Award projects with young people for whom access and inclusion is an issue.

Arts Council England wants to understand the career needs and barriers for every artist in the music industry and get your input to help determine the future of music artist support in England.