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    Fri 9 Dec 2011 - 2 comments

Check out some brilliant, simple, accessible Christmas songs to sing with under 5s and families.

Here is the Youth Music guidance on involving young people in project design and delivery

KONJAKU TAIKO - are a family of Taiko groups based in Wem, Shropshire. Their philosophy is to 'Honour the traditions - look to the future'. In 2011/12 they are celebrating 10 years of Taiko in Wem. This year marks a coming of age for the family of Taiko groups which we are celebrating by changing our name to reflect the philosophy which we all share and which has evolved over the past decade.

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Selection of videos of music-making and singing in the early years.

The Who Cares? Trust is running an online survey as part of a wider project to understand the journey looked-after children and care leavers take from school into further/higher education and work.

Often when you’re sharing practice, you want to share it with people who perhaps have no understanding, perhaps little concept even of what you do. If people have never seen anything like what you do before, or have no experience of anything similar, then you may have to work hard to interest them, to open their minds or to convince them.

ArtsTrain delivers a lyric writing programme for singers and MC's and we have conducted a number of individual case studies to try and identify some of the personal devleopment benefits that lyric writing can bring about.

Leeds College of Music’s Saturday Music School offers an environment for young aspiring musicians from city centre Leeds and the wider regions to work with some of the country's leading musicians and practitioners in Jazz, pop and classical genres to develop their instrumental skills, musical knowledge and performance experience.

Suppose that each and every one of the 30,000-odd people in and around music education has at least one experience from which every other could learn. Making this happen has to be about enabling and empowering those people, through a bottom-up approach to sharing practice.

Congratulations to Youth Music on the launch of the Network and welcome to everyone coming aboard!

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A song made up for Bonfire night.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to find out about other people’s practice – so you can benefit from their experience and ideas, so you can learn from their mistakes, so you can uncover practices you’d never thought about etc. – but the reasons why you might want to share your own practice are sometimes less obvious.