The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra (RBSO) is the first Roma Youth Orchestra in the UK. Created by Newham Music in 2015, the RBSO has just started its third season after receiving a year of a funding from Youth Music in 2016/17. 

The Roma Bridging Sounds Orchestra (RBSO) is the first Roma Youth Orchestra in the UK. Created by Newham Music in 2015, the RBSO has just started it's third season after receiving a year of a funding from Youth Music in 2016/17. 

This coming weekend MORE MUSIC is producing a 24 hour Music Party @ LMF2017 with the aim of raising funds for our Homeless Action music programme in Lancaster.
People taking part in the music sessions describe how singing, in particular, has lifted their spirits  "the only reason I walk the planet” and restored their self-belief  "singing has really helped my confidence”
They also say it makes a significant contribution to their recovery from addiction  " helps me deal with the bad stuff that happens” and has helped them refocus and rebuild their lives, securing and maintaining a home and returning to paid employment.

In Middleport, we wanted to take our issue of gang violence and create new opportunities for young people to be a part of a new gang...otherwise known as a band!  We believe that encouraging our young people to form music bands could change their pathway in life.

Oldham Council Music Service made a successful bid for Youth Music funding to fund a 1-year "Musical Beginnings Extra" project. We worked with young children 0-4 years old and their parent/carer. There were two specific groups: children who were Looked After or adopted and children with Additional Needs. This blog outlines the project and, in particular, looks at the planning model we used for Musical Beginnings Extra sessions.

Last Friday the Fast Forward 2017: Breaking the Glass Ceiling conference (hosted by Bristol Plays Music) was a landmark moment and a potential game-changer for music and disability. In this article we share news from a day that was packed full of important messages and notable progress.

In July 2017, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing (APPGAHW) published a report outlining the case for the role of arts in health and well-being entitled, Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing. Commissioned to improve awareness of the benefits that the arts can bring, this two year inquiry captures evidence, conversation and practice with patients, arts and cultural organisations, academics, health care professionals and policy makers, making, possibly the strongest case yet, that arts have a significant and positive impact on health and well-being.

In Gloucestershire, The Music Works has been working with young people and teachers in two schools to co-create a music programme to use music as a coping strategy to improve mental well-being. The programme was specifically targeted to young people experiencing low- to medium- level mental health difficulties and who are believed to be at risk of self-harm. In this blog, one of the four music leaders, Misha Law, shares some of her learning and a few tips from her experience of the programme. In the next blog in this series in January 2018, project manager Anita Holford will share some of the overall learning about the programme, and the final evaluation report

After nearly 25 years working here in Morecambe it is time for a change. My post is advertised here - - and we are looking for inspiring people to come and apply. Please pass this information on!

The XLR Collective reflect on their Campaign Celebration and the past seven months of their course.

Ready for School is a programme which aims to develop music and speech and language skills for children transitioning to reception from pre-school.
It takes place in East Sussex schools with attached nurseries/pre-schools between February 2017 and February 2018.  15 children identified as having difficulties with some aspect of speech and language from each pre-school.  These groups of children had 15 workshops from February to July and have just started another set of 15 music sessions with their whole classes in reception.

Free Mental Health Training morning at The Hive, Shrewsbury to improve the understanding of young people’s Mental Health issues in Shropshire