The concept of an #Inclusive approach to ‘Buddying’ was central to the Jam Buddies project.

The Urban Vocal Group staged its first Artist development showcase concert featuring 6 young artists aged 15 – 18 performing original tracks co-written with local musicians

Singers from The Urban Vocal Group take part in cultural exchange trip to France. 

It’s been a good seeing the journey that the group I’ve worked with over the past six months have been on. I want to look back on the first time they approached songwriting, individually and corporately.

Using music to work with young refuggess frees us all of the language barrier.

A video showing the personal and musical impact of the Open School Orchestra (OSO) project at Pencalenick Special School. Alongside music from the students, an interview with headteacher, Helen Campbell, shows how a group of students with special needs and autism with significant communication issues came together and found their voices through music, both individually and collectively. This film charts their journey over the 9-month project, and shows some of the music they produced.

Through having new conversations with leisure-time music groups across the UK, Making Music are learning more about groups which play a wide range of musical genres. The project is called “Exploring Music Making” and they want you to get involved.

Reflections on what went well, things we learnt, and things to develop

Reflections on the youth music project from a young artist

Band In A Week Returns - 7th August 2017 - 11 August 2017

If any proof was needed of the high standard of music making achieved by local young people, then Cre8’s Youth Concert was all the evidence needed.