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Music Leader West Midlands ran a day for musicians on the 5th October titled Keeping In Time: Music and Working in SEN Schools. This is the first blog post about that day by Guest Speaker Gus Garside.

Best practice? Bad day at the office
I don’t actually have an office, and it was more like four months than a day, and it went something like this.

On Monday 17th September Musicleader ran a Social Media Surgery for musicians aimed at musicians working participatory settings. The session focussed on two areas: how musicians could incorporate social media and online technology into their work with participants and also how they could use social media to expand their networks and promote their work.

When I first started out as a professional musician the main driving force behind everything

Or - African drumming teacher finally lets people do their own thing…sometimes…after a bit of training

Ever since my music teacher suggested I have singing lessons at the age of 11, I was always ‘going to be’ a performer.

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    Thu 4 Oct 2012

On 26 September 2012, NYMAZ held the launch of our NEW Early Years Music Network at the Old Courthouse in Thirsk. The day was a rousing success with an introduction by NYMAZ Director Heidi Johnson on the purpose and aims of the network to develop into a fantastic resource for all early years practitioners.

A write up on the landscape of community music and what it means to be a music leader in 2012.

I am the Project Trainee on a Youth Music-funded project called Music for Hodge Hill in Birmingham. Being part of this project has made me reflect on my practice, what community music means, and what I can contribute to this.

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    Thu 27 Sep 2012 - 8 comments

The Youth Music Network is fast approaching its first birthday. Unfortunately, websites cannot enjoy cake like us humans. Fortunately, websites love upgrades. Here's what we have in store...

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    Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 15 comments

Want to get adults and carers more engaged in early-years music-making?

With the launch of Musical Inclusion in Teesside (Fri Sept 21st @ MyPlace), there are challenges indeed in “one of the hardest-hit areas in the country, with Middlesbrough Council estimating that 10,000 children in the town live in poverty”