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Can the ‘young leader’ only be developed in a formal and structured way?

  • by Rhythmix

    Fri 6 Jul 2012 - 1 comment

Are you a Music leader but also a performing artist?
Does the work you do with young people inspire and influence your creativity as an artist?
Would you like to find out more about how to develope yourself as an artist?

"Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the artistic and professional growth of someone else."

As a provider of career advice and guidance for music education professionals one of the most popular questions people ask me is "how do I find work?". In this blog I 'll provide some top tips for how you go about finding employment opportunities, who should you talk to, and how to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

  • by Kate_MB

    Thu 21 Jun 2012 - 2 comments

I am sitting mapping out the website for Musical Eyes.

After Josh’s update last week, we asked another member of the Bright Sparks Apprentices to tell us about their experiences on this project for young musicians in Brentwood, Essex. Nathan, who has been putting his skills to good use in the project’s brass section, shared his thoughts with us:

Wired4Music Council Member, Helen Finnegan gives her views on the National Association of Music Educators conference at the Rich Mix Centre, Shoreditch. Wired4Music is a project that works with Sound Connections and young people across London, providing musical related opportunities.

  • by Rhythmix

    Mon 18 Jun 2012 - 2 comments

Jim Pinchen (Workforce Development Manager: Rhythmix and MusicLeader South East) considers how far we have come in understanding inclusivity within music education, how we measure it and how we make our projects truly inclusive.

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    Mon 18 Jun 2012

So, you've signed up to Network and know how to add content. Take it to the next level and get some great ideas on how you can start utilsing the Youth Music Network to share your ideas and expertise.

I’m undertaking some research on behalf of Take Art to consult with musicians, Early Years practitioners, arts organisations, music hubs and workshop leaders regarding the need for an Early Years Music Network in the South West.

Bright Sparks, a project for young musicians in Brentwood, Essex got under way last weekend with two full days of workshops. Participants busied themselves creating a wide range of musical ideas based on material ranging from sports (both real and imaginary), to the number Pi (3.14159…)!

Josh is one of our Bright Sparks Apprentices, who have been receiving training prior to the project that has helped them become an integral part of our creative team. We caught up with Josh for his thoughts on the project so far:

As a former Project Manager for MusicLeader North West (MLNW) I receive lots of enquiries from music leaders about where they can go to access the resources they used to get through the MusicLeader website. I always give the same response: “head straight to the Youth Music Network”.