Professional Development

New research on the music education workforce amplifies calls to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of skills.

Looking around at the music industry, I see many breakthrough artists and songwriters that are lucky enough to have had all the education and support they need from a young age. But every day we deal with young people who have latent talent and potential, but will not break through because they don’t have that additional support...

"we should be hovering around some megalopolis in Flash Gordon pants, all stresses and strains made redundant by a smooth transition ..." - a blog about Volunteer Farming in the Arts, obviously :-)

Do you feel like you are drowning beneath the changes happening in your world as a music leader? Who do you turn to? How can you keep informed? Are you on your own?

For me, the best event of January has to be a teachers' training session on boys and singing.

It’s always really exciting to be able to work in partnership with other projects and programmes, especially when it offers a chance for musicians to try something new and learning new skills. So I was delighted when we got the opportunity to offer two places to MLWM members to work with mac and Kindle theatre on the Minotaur project a few months ago.

A National Plan for Music Education (NPME)? …Hurrah! it’s good to have one...

The theory of selling the value of something, compared to selling the benefit.

“If we are not sure about the value and benefit to ourselves of undertaking CPD – how can we expect others to make that link?”

What has got Darren all stirred up about the Army presence at the recent Music Industry Day?

Below are the key thoughts contributed to the discussion that explored the questions: What needs to happen next? How can Youth Music help to facilitate this?

Below are the key contributions to the discussion that explored exit strategies and sustainability.