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  • by Daisi

    Mon 17 Jul 2017

As part of Daisi’s MusicStart project, funded by Youth Music, we produced resources in the form of a series of 18 short film clips:

This piece is written by Sound Connections Programme Manager Julia Roderick

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s round of Early Years Apprentices. We had a huge number of applications this year, a testament to the need for more spaces catering to supporting those working in the early years music sector.

We’re delighted to be welcoming five exceptional apprentices, all of whom bring with them a wealth of skills, knowledge and understanding about early years music practice. We look forward to working with them over the next year.

Plymouth Music Zone puts people centre stage and becomes the first UK arts organisation to gain the latest Gold standard Investors in People award. 

From meeting at a conference, to creating a Music-Technology company, ready to approach national-level delivery.

We are really pleased with out path, so far, and we would like to share our recipe with others, including successes, failures and motivation tricks to always get back on your feet.

World Music in the Classroom, July 20th (10am-4pm) by award-winning music teacher, Patrick Allen







Our Programme
Funded by Youth Music, Sonic Explorers was a SoCo Music Project programme for young people in special education and/or in challenging circumstances. This has seen us deliver weekly music-making sessions at Toynbee School HiVis Club (an after school music club for students with visual impairments), Cedar School (a school for young people with complex physical, health and learning difficulties) and Polygon School (a school for boys with complex emotional and behavioural needs. We have also delivered a family day in partnership with the Narcolepsy Unit at Southampton Children’s Hospital, which consisted of a variety of music-making activities for young people with Narcolepsy (a sleep disorder that affects approximately .05% of the population) whilst providing a valuable opportunity for parents to talk to each other, creating a support network.

Our Outcomes
Increase the musical composition and performance skills of Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

Increased skills and awareness of music leaders, teachers and support staff to reduce or remove barriers to music-making for SEN/D Young People

Improved sense of well-being of children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

Here we list some good websites for Music Teachers to find jobs.

Drake Music have today launched a three-year programme, funded by Help Musicians UK, of creative & career development for emerging Disabled musicians, focused on new music commissions and music leader training.

The Beyond Words project was one of only eight projects in Round 1 funded nationally in 2015 by an Arts Council England Research Grant. 
The two-year ethnographic study explored how engaging with music helps people who have difficulty communicating with words (for example, people living with dementia, autism, learning disabilities, stroke, elective mutism, etc.). The project also observed how music leaders used the 'unspoken' in their practice. 

Cymaz Music has been working with Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH) since before it's inception. We have worked hard to ensure that inclusion is at the core of the Hub and have been involved as delivery and strategic partners since the beginning. This has included research and consultation into barriers and cold spots in the county as well as designing targeted programmes of support to ensure that the most vulnerable children and young people in Cornwall have had access to music provision.

“This was one of the best conferences I have been to for a long time. Great balance of practical activities and talks.”
On 25th May, Cymaz Music held a conference at Newquay Sands Resort, for teachers, educators, musicians and those interested in using music and creativity to support the emotional and mental health of children and young people. This was funded by Youth Music under a Fund B programme.
Working in partnership with HeadStart Kernow, the Virtual School for Children in Care, RAAS, Cornwall Music Education Hub and Carefree, the day was a balance of presentations and practical workshops.