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NYMAZ works through a range of delivery partners to deliver musically-inclusive activities with children in challenging circumstances across rural North Yorkshire. Our music leader workforce can often be working on different projects, on behalf of different partner organisations, with participant groups with very different characteristics and needs in disparate parts of this huge county. So how do we aim to reduce workforce isolation and create a shared understanding amongst music leaders of what constitutes high quality musically-inclusive practice?

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    Thu 2 Mar 2017

As performers you will or have already experienced a form of nervousness during or before a performance at some point. To some of us it is simply nerves we have to let fade away until we get into our ‘zone’ of comfort and concentration during our performances and to others it can cause very negative effects on our overall ability to deliver a level of musicianship we know we are very capable of.

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    Sun 26 Feb 2017

London Piano / Music festival by WKMT

Early intervention is key to unlocking children’s life-long resilience, personal and social potential, health and happiness, – and musical engagement sits right at the core. We owe it to all of our children and young people to provide meaningful, high-quality musical opportunities regardless of their personal circumstance. This we believe in. This we all aspire to achieve.

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    Sun 19 Feb 2017

New freely downloadable resource for music practitioners in all settings, providing practical and easy-to-use strategies for performance anxiety.

Here we give a few pointers on how to become a guitar teacher.

The new year brought fresh hopes and talent to the January’s Hope Creative session. During a mentorship meeting myself and Lu decided to introduce the music recording process to the participants. I have a rudimentary recording set up that I use for my youtube channel so I bought in the microphone and interface and we hooked it up to Lu’s laptop and ran a popular and intuitive program called GarageBand.

How can we connect activities in a music session to people's daily lives? How can we support families to embed creative music-making into their lives, their thoughts and their time? Jenni Parkinson shares findings and ideas from a project exploring this with families with children with autism in South East London.

Are you an exceptional individual with the potential and desire to lead within culture? 

The Clore Fellowship brings together some of the most creative and dynamic cultural leaders in the UK and beyond for a life-changing adventure - it is an intense personal and professional learning experience unlike any other. The Fellowship will support you to be the leader you have the potential to be, through in-depth learning tailored to your individual needs, aspirations and circumstances. To find out more click on this link, 

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Inclusive music making is often wonderfully complex, but sharing the knowledge should be simple.

Here are some reflections on our varied experiences of the impact of Arts Award in different settings - particularly with regards to engaging young professionals

Photo Credit: Stratford Circus Arts Centre / Rob Harris, Generate 2016

Do you work with a creative young person whose music project idea is ready to come to life? Are they aged 16-25 and signed up to Wired4Music, the music network for young Londoners? They can now apply for grants between £500 – £2,000 and support to get their project off the ground!