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Project Background

The project was a music project divided into two subprojects, 1) BAND SCHOOL: Teaching young people skills in live music, instrument playing and performing skills.  2) HOLIDAY HARMONIES: A boot-camp project during school holidays engaging with emerging/aspiring young musicians.

Thanks to funding from Youth Music and The Big Lottery, SATEDA has just completed a year long project called SwitchUP, which is an innovative adolescent to parent violence (APV) intervention for families where the young person has become abusive to their parent/s in order to get control over them. 

As part of the project evaluation process all schools within the project have created trees focusing learning taking place.

Having a established a successful music programme which is working with over 100 young people in Cambridge, Romsey Mill is looking at way that it can further support the young musicians, by setting up a social enterprise record label.

Part two of a reflection on a year of music making with young people in Rutland

Part one of a reflection of the year making music with young people in Rutland

This is story of one of our most successful SEND initiatives to date and how through careful reflection between the team and with parents/carers we have found a winning formula.

 A short film showing the wonderful Symphonize project, a partnership project between Soft Touch Arts and The Philharmonia. Look out of the next one in January 2018!

NYMAZ works through a range of delivery partners to deliver musically-inclusive activities with children in challenging circumstances across rural North Yorkshire. Our music leader workforce can often be working on different projects, on behalf of different partner organisations, with participant groups with very different characteristics and needs in disparate parts of this huge county. So how do we aim to reduce workforce isolation and create a shared understanding amongst music leaders of what constitutes high quality musically-inclusive practice?

SoCo Music Project is excited to be creating a new post to support the development of Urban Music in Southampton...

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Why should I participate at WKMT London Music Festival 11.03?

Here are some reflections on our varied experiences of the impact of Arts Award in different settings - particularly with regards to engaging young professionals