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This guide is all about working with or participating in a Music Education Hub. It is designed for anyone who is involved, invested or interested in providing musical opportunities for children and young people in England. It contains practical advice based on independant research carried out by ArtsTrain, a music organisation working across South London to engage young people in music.

As part of her internship, soundLINCS’ Programme Facilitator Intern Orinta has been involved with research and delivery for several projects, including soundWELL. This is her experience throughout the first phase of the project. 

City University have teamed up with Tileyard Education to bring together the best of the UK’s independent music industry to answer the question: IS THE PUNK ETHIC ALIVE AND KICKING? Speakers and participating companies include: Tileyard Music, Notting Hill Music, Hart Media, Musicgurus, Duff Press, Pledgemusic, Soundvault, Dizzyjam, Rotor Video, Radio+Video, Supapass, The Ticket Fairy, PRS, PPL, JAMES, MMF, BASCA, AIM and more. 


  • by Dove

    Fri 8 Apr 2016

The impact of the Youth Music funding to support WAC Arts Upnorth a Showrunners project... Finally came to a huge crucendo in The MISUNDERSTOOD youth festival at The City Of Liverpool College Arts Centre where Showrunners & WAC is based. Many young people from across Liverpool and Greater Merseyside and prodominantely from BAME, Low Income and Deprived communities had a platform to Perform, Discuss and Share why they feel they are Misunderstood at School, by Parents, their Peers and Society...
The Mind The WAC - Infomercial gives you an insight into the world of these young artists from week to week throught this amazing project. Which we are empowering young people to change their world!!!!
Dove Ross-Williams and Paul Kincade Showrunners Directors

Sound Connections were commissioned by Royal Greenwich Music Hub to produce a promotional video, demonstrating the musical opportunities on offer for the children and young people of Greenwich.

Our recent toolkit and model ( explores the work we have been doing with non arts based community organisations since 2011. We work with new minority communities in London, particulalry refugees and asylum seekers. Partnership work enables us to reach families who might not otherwise access music making. It also means that as a small charity, operating on a shoe string we are able to reach over 100 participants a year. 

Outreach Phase Completed

There is not a great deal published on gender and music education, but what has been published is fascinating. 

Get on Track: Beats, Bars & Business is for young people (12-19 years) who are living in challenging circumstances to be given the opportunity to develop their appreciation as writers, performers and producers in creating original urban music-making.   Workshops and masterclasses will focus on learning, sharing new skills and creative leadership qualities to provide groups with musical event management training to co-create events. This is an accredited community-based project engaging young people in Sandwell. The project will also deliver music making sessions to help build musical skills, confidence and self esteem in a safe, creative learning environment in order to make a critical difference to their well-being, achievement, and success to support their creative music future. 

Quality is paramount. The quality of leadership, management, teaching and learning will have an impact on the outcome for children and young people.

The Landslide Festival combines skateboarding / BMX and  Music. The objective is to get as many as possible young acts and bands to play at a one day Festival. The event is organised and run by young people so contact us if you want to volunteer or if you are a band or act that would like to play the Festival.

The Kingsway Theatre provided opportunites for young musicians to perform to local audiences in Harwich Essex.  In the last five years regular gigs and shows were run along with a live events apprenticeship programme the venue closed in October 2015.