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Early years remains one of the key age groups for Youth Music funding and support. What's changed and how far have we come in the last decade in making sure all children have rich musical experiences in their early years? Working with families must be the key.

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    Wed 9 May 2012 - 2 comments

Jim Pinchen (Workforce Development Manager: Rhythmix and MusicLeader South East) reflects on the future of the sector with the closure of MusicLeader and the new Music Education Hubs and Youth Music Modules.

As musicians our work usually speaks for itself. In the words of Mr Wonder “Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand” As music leaders who are also musicians, I think we sometimes expect others to look at our work with the same level of understanding.

Arts Award want to develop new access pathways for children and young people who struggle to achieve the qualification.

As MusicLeader signs off, where can the music leading profession look now for ideas, support, training, development and work opportunities?

At Yorkshire Youth and Music, Rebeka Haigh is the 'go-to girl' for all things social media. This is a beginner’s guide based on her experiences using social networking and content sharing sites on behalf of a music education charity and arts organisation.

Rhythmix is sending out the final MLSE E-bulletin today and we'd love to hear about any fond memories!

Is it just me?

I can stand for an eternity staring into the fridge but unless it's there, with B.U.T.T.E.R written in large font, right at the front with nothing else anywhere near..I can't see it.

Hi all - we are looking at developing a cross discipline project within a school featuring various creative arts strands as an integrated cross-arts project inspired by a particular piece of literature: (music, drama, creative writing, visual arts).

Sunday 8th January was the finishing up of the Christmas season for me, and I was invited to a presentation by our youth group 'Roots Exchange' who had prepared a report back on their recent trip to Elsies River in Cape Town.

Ismaili Communtiy Ensemble project culmination, January 28th 2012

Hybrid Arts are interested in developing a touring network for young musicians. Based in the West Midlands the project hopes to network together partner organisations with a common aim. To provide performance training and to facilitate exchanges and performance opportunities. The aim is to present youth music to new audiences and to build confidence and skills in young performers by getting them out of their familier territory and quite litterally 'on tour'