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Congratulations to Youth Music on the launch of the Network and welcome to everyone coming aboard!

There are lots of reasons why you might want to find out about other people’s practice – so you can benefit from their experience and ideas, so you can learn from their mistakes, so you can uncover practices you’d never thought about etc. – but the reasons why you might want to share your own practice are sometimes less obvious.

Surgeries available to discuss Youth Music Programme applications.

Groups/soloists/ensembles needed for performers database for Cultural Olympiad East Midlands team.

Have you ever seen someone working brilliantly with children and young people’s music-making, or have you developed something incredibly effective yourself, or have been to a conference or training session and been stunned by some new practice, and then thought to yourself, ‘it’s just crazy that more people don’t know about this’?

If… …practice-sharing is a key to unlocking and harnessing the intelligence that’s spread across the 30,000 people in and around music education, …and practice-sharing also requires a bottom—up approach that needs more than just the efforts and direction of big infrastructure, …then how can we help practice-sharing to happen on a bigger, and more effective scale?

Celebrities and worthy causes are still a good mix.

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    Wed 28 Sep 2011 - 2 comments

Very sad that a programme that I've been leading for 7 years providing Singing and Song-writing for young people at Croydon College (in association with CRISP) has been cut due to lack of funding.

Below are the key thoughts contributed to the discussion that explored the questions: What needs to happen next? How can Youth Music help to facilitate this?

Below are the key contributions to the discussion that explored exit strategies and sustainability.

Below are the key thoughts contributed to the discussion that explored the CPD needs for those working with looked after children.

Below are the key thoughts contributed to the discussion "How can effective cross–sector partnerships be created?"