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Attendance, self-assessment and the West Yorkshire Big Disco.

These last two years of the Vocal Babies project have all been about development, sustainability and legacy. We recognise the positive impact our model has on families and the wider community and wanted to find a way to distill our experience and inspire others to use a version of our model in their own settings.  Below are the headline learning points throughout this project.

Phill Howley, professional musician, producer and specialist in music engagement in challenging circumstances, blogs about Life on Shuffle, a creative music project for young people.

As a community music based organisation we are finding it increasingly difficult to engage with schools - even when offering our workshops and projects for free! We thought it was just us but it seems this is a wider issue...

A new programme for young people based in Oxford and South Oxfordshire.

The first project phase of Readipop's new Urban Orchestra programme worked in Reading and Slough from September 2015 through to spring 2016.

Rock Up, where the challenges, at times, have been great - and the rewards have been even greater.

As part of the UpBeat programme of Early Years music and movement delivery at the Brewhouse Arts Centre in Burton-upon-Trent, Make Some Noise
have been piloting the use of on-line learning journals as a means of recording observations for individual children and assessing and monitoring their progress.

Become A Music Teacher have teamed up with music teaching guru Andy Gleadhill to deliver a training course for new and improving music teachers. But what benefit will this online course have for you as a professional music teacher? Here we look in depth at how the course works, what the advantages are for you and what you need to do to pass the course to become an accreditted teacher with Become A Music Teacher. See the video below.

Andrew Cleaton outlines a music project for Looked After Children and children adopted from care delivered in North Yorkshire last year.

We’re delighted to release the final report of findings from Pedestrian’s Little Music Stars, a project aiming to test digital music making technology in Early Years music practice. Pedestrian’s Little Music Stars was delivered between September 2014 and June 2016 and sought to work with 0-5 year olds and their parents through digital music making technology.

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Written by Jenni Parkinson (Soundcastle) and Julian Knight (Creative Futures)

Soundcastle and Creative Futures are two organisations that use music to reach and connect communities. Here we explore our learning from recent projects on how to access and engage families who fall within the often-cited and hugely diverse ‘hard to reach’ category.