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2.3 Absorption, a facet of musical potential

Absorption, a facet of musical potential

Is the young person moving his/her body with the music? Is s/he tapping her foot, is s/he nodding his/her head? Is the person playing by physically moving his/her body? Is the person watching what the leader (or others) are playing and focusing clearly on them, even when all around them seems chaotic?

Clip 1, R: completely in time and also using the body in Hand Chimes.

Clip 2, A2: tapping her foot (the only one who is) with the hand-chime circle.

Clip 3, C: waiting and then playing confidently - listening and watching.

Clip 4, E: hears C say go from B minor to A minor - then goes off in her own world with the guitar before she surfaces to say ‘we should have a G in there’ - completely focused and absorbed in the process.