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2.4 Commitment, a facet of musical potential

Commitment, a facet of musical potential

Individuals can commit to a process in a number of subtle and more obvious ways. Body language and eye-contact are two of the more obvious ones, but some of the more subtle ones can also usefully be observed.

e.g. noting individuals who

  • make a ‘mistake’ and then readily work to rectify and change it
  • try things out which might be quite complicated, but then persevere until they are sorted out, and
  • offer ideas towards a piece or process

Clip 1, A2: working out a new rhythm for Don’t Clap This One Back - taking others’ ideas and making it her own.

Clip 2, A1:  coming up with an idea for Holeo.

Clip 3, A: at the end of Goat Music - already others in the group are laughing as they finish, but A continues and is confident and clear and understands what’s required of her.