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Babigloo Music for Babies: Full Independent Evaluation Report

An independent evaluation into a years programme using classical music with babies 0-12 months

Read the extensive findings of Nell Farrally's independent report into Babigloo's 6 programmes with 61 babies in Poole and East Dorset from May 2018-April 2019 using classical and contemporary music to develop the muscality of babies 0-12 months.


  • 61 families engaged (62 babies and 68 adults)
  • 3 Babigloo musicians
  • 6 other visiting musicians
  • 1 composer/music co-ordinator
  • 3 Babigloo musical compositions
  • 6 children’s centre staff
  • 24 participants in CPD
  • 47 visitors/observers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Project Evaluator

Crucial to understanding the success of Babigloo is:

Parents valued: non-judgemental group atmosphere, nurturing environment created by musicians, opportunity for “time-out” with their baby, seeing how much their babies enjoyed and responded to music.

Parents reported: making more at home, listening to and making a broader range of music, using music to soothe and distract, using more vocalisations to communicate with their baby, feeling relaxed during and after Babigloo.

Parents wanted: for Babigloo to continue beyond the 9 week programme and Babigloo for older children.

I wish it didn’t have to stop – we had really loved it and have looked forwards to every week, even when we have been having a bad week. We would love a follow up course.

with thanks to:

Nell Farrally

The Arts Development Company for their management of the project

Borough of Poole Arts Service (BCP Council)

Borough of Poole (BCP Council) and Action for Children Children's Centres