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Babigloo Online - a response to #Covid-19

Everything stopped.

Grant providers paused applications that took weeks to put together, costings, letters of support. We clung to the 'Music' and 'the Babies'. Having experienced the power of both to bring healing, joy for life and value for what we had, we knew that it was going to be very difficult for families living in isolation. Imagine an 8 month, 3 year old and 5 year old combination, in a small flat.

As with many Early Years practioners our sessions have a Hello/Hiya! Song which we 'skit' while viewers log in and a Goodbye Song. We also use a Neena-no song to encourage babies to give back objects used in rythmn making etc. Bear in mind that Babigloo music for babies works with the very young 0-12 months and our shows go up to 2 years old. It's important to hold on to your target group as there's a lot of shiny/glossy TV shows out there and it's a 'Photoshop world' - keep going.

We were inspired by our mentors in Leiria, Portugal who were Facebook Livestreaming from their homes in Lockdown. A disparate band of artists of all sorts on their sofa, in their garden - creating anywhere they could and sharing their culture. Through iMovie, tortuous home videoing and timely downloads, we pieced together a Test Trailer and shared it with some parents and partners to gauge their response.

Babigloo Online Test Video

Booom! The response was incredible and humbling, could we offer this? From the little extension in our 2 Bed flat 

If there is one response that has driven us on through the initial phase/s of the Corona Virus era it was from Jessica, received on 22 March 2020 the day before Lockdown actually started in the UK:

Hello everyone at Babigloo Jasmine shared your message and YouTube video with us all can I just say at a time like this you brought a very big smile to mine and Emily's face! ...with recent events anxiety has been high and the unknown is scary being isolated from people is definitely challenging as I like to surround myself with people and living in a flat I am always out doing exciting things with my children so this is all very strange for me us but seeing your video and your faces and just you trying to do something positive in this situation for the babies and us mum's is so lovely so thank you so much!!! Emily was fixed to the screen as soon as she heard and saw your brilliant faces! So thank you we would love it if a weekly video could become possible.

So we went Live - 6 April 2020 11:00am UK Time (this is important for -a now global- audience!)

Babigloo Online1 6-4-20

At Babigloo we value the reponse from parents and any engagement they share from their babies. We have been able to incorporate comments, photos and videos sent in and used with permission to share. We also use the Youth Music Framework 'Do, Review, Improve'. Feedback from the first and all Babigloo Online broadcasts are monitored and responded to.

On 5 May 2020 to date that one video has:



and had ENGAGEMENTS 267

She sat so quietly and watched with her eyes glued to the TV. I asked her if she liked it, she replied 'yeah' with a smile on her face

Overall the Facebook Videos (that are downloaded automatically to your page) have been viewed 1963 times

Our Youtube Video Channel has re-recorded videos with additional videos from Musicians and footage of nature to accompany pieces of music.

We are in lock down, like everyone else at the moment which has changed lives. So there are no baby clubs.

I am front line NHS so work 3 days a week so unfortunately can't see Babigloo on live stream but watch it with Bee on catch up and Babigloo know this and kindly still mention our names. Such a lovely personal touch in a busy world. So pleased we are able to do this. My days off are a very special time with Bee and Babigloo helps entertain Bee... as it can be a long day now that she is more active.

Babigloo is a part of us. I'm so so pleased we can see them On live stream.  And their props and adaption and their confidence to live stream has improved in the first few weeks. 

Wow. Incredible and thankyou Babigloo for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate it. X x x x


Do it! You know your audience, your group , your venue - talk to people as you normally would. No need to apologise for quality, the key point is you're reaching out! People will respond to you and what they normally do with you in your setting.


  • two Music Leaders living in the same place
  • a shed load of theatre/storytelling props
  • access to professional musicians who are prepared to record pieces and videos insitu
  • a third music leader to respond directly to messaging during a Livestream



Babigloo has been a part of May’s life since she was 8 months old (she’s now nearly 2) so as soon as she hears the hello song coming from my phone she runs over excitedly laughing ready to watch the Babigloo lockdown shows.

We love watching them together twice a week as they break up the day, are totally different to other baby or toddler shows / online performances and May loves them.

They also give me, as a mum, ideas of new things to do with May and alternative ways of how to approach and connect with her that I would never have thought of.


Social media sites and emails to partners including Childrens Centres, who posted on their Facebook pages.


As social media sites and businesses 'catch up' to demand from artists and other Livestreamers/ Youtubers the quality of post Livestream videos has reduced ("buy our Premiuim service!") there are many ways to improve your broadcasting qualities and many additional bits of kit that you can buy online.

This is the next level of learning for us. You can actually create your own TV editing system and fade into video footage or musicians playing pieces!

We are now up to Babigloo Online9 on Thursday 7 May. We have received a little bit of funding from The Arts Development Company Emergency Fund and await news of our application to Youth Music for theirs. The comments, support and encouragement continue and sharing with the Soundwaves South West Zoom meetings supports us too.

JUST DO IT - it's OK we know what we do and we do it well eh?! This was received from a musician and parent in Lincolnshire:

Hi Babigloo!

We just wanted to say how much we are enjoying your online sessions! Thea, our 5 month old baby is absolutely transfixed throughout and really engages with the different elements in each session. The music and content is always varied and we look forward to every session - being based in Lincoln we are really grateful we can view the content online otherwise Thea would not get to experience the Babigloo fun!

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Good Luck!

The Babigloo Team: Colin, Jenny and Michele

Musicians: Rob, Jane, Jo, Mark and Oli

FB: Babigloo Music for Babies

Twitter/Instagram: @Babigloo