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Community Music: Trauma Informed Practice Training Event

Event description

An interactive and informative session that support organisations and practitioners to work toward a Trauma Informed approach, providing information and skills that will impact delivery and programme development.

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Grow their understanding of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs),
  • Develop basic knowledge of how the brain responds to trauma and the long term impact this has
  • Be able to adopt some useful tools and resources to work toward becoming trauma informed in your work.


Matt has been working in the community music sector for 13 years. He set up SoCo Music Project to provide positive music making opportunities for people facing barriers to musical engagement. Working with many community groups, Matt has designed and delivered programmes with children and adults with learning difficulties, adults in recovery from substance misuse, and children and adults facing challenges with their mental health. SoCo has grown as a charity and provides support to the community music sector. In 2019 Matt trained as a Trauma Informed Educator and aspires to help organisations and practitioners to develop their practice and take a trauma informed approach.

Twitter: @socomatt

Instagram: @salvagematt

Useful Resources

An overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences:

Trauma Informed Practice:

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