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Creative Cook School - Word Forward

Wow...What an amazing few terms it’s has been on our Creative Cook School Programme. We were so delighted to have over 30 students attend from local schools and participate in this new and exciting project. During this six-week programme young people were given the opportunity to complete our Word Forward Music project as part of the course. Students combined Logic Pro software and Creative writing skills to produce well-crafted beats accompanied by reflective and thought provoking lyrics. It has been incredible to witness how through Reflective writing, Character Education and Performance workshops student’s confidence blossomed with powerful and transformational performances being had at the end of each project. There have been some amazing moments so far on this project, one that stands out is seeing Kane who entertained us as dressing up as Santa begin able to engage in the creative writing. This was a massive achievement for Kane as a student who struggles with literacy and reading.


Kane was able to work alongside me and produce beautiful and insightful lyrics about his experience with bullying. This was an encouraging experience for Kane and translated to his behaviour both on and outside of the project. #TransformUK #PersonalProgression