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Do, Review, Improve... A quality framework for music education

This framework will help you to evaluate the quality of music-making sessions, both for self-reflection and for the constructive observation of others.

What is the quality framework?

A quality framework is a tool to help you understand, measure and evaluate quality in your work. Youth Music’s quality framework - Do, Review, Improve - gathers together all the criteria we believe demonstrate quality in a music-making session. It’s based on evidence we’ve been gathering from the projects we’ve supported since we began in 1999.

We ask all organisations funded by Youth Music to use Do, Review, Improve to reflect on their practice. And we ask anyone applying to us for funding to show how they would build it into their project. However the quality framework can be used by anyone leading a music-making session for children and young people: it’s not just for those holding Youth Music grants.

You can use Do, Review, Improve for planning, peer observation or self-reflection. It’s not intended to be a test, and you don’t need to score yourself or rank yourself against others. Instead, the quality framework is designed to help you think about your practice and the principles behind it, and to identify areas you may wish to develop.

SEN/D settings

Drake Music is one of Youth Music’s strategic partners. They’re experts in music delivery in SEN/D settings and in using technology to break down disabling barriers to music-making. They’ve taken the original quality framework (first published in 2013), and built upon it in the following ways:

  • Adding extra information offering practical insights and suggestions for making music with young people with additional needs.
  • Giving examples illustrating how these suggestions might work in practice.