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NYMAZ SEND Music Network Gathering 2017

Event description

The Gathering is open to all those in North Yorkshire and Teesside who are working with (or interested in learning more about working with) children and young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, including music leaders, classroom teachers, SENCOs, Music Coordinators, Head Teachers, parents/carers and freelance practitioners.


  • Barry Farrimond, OpenUp Music: Empowering young disabled musicians to build inclusive youth orchestras
  • Rachel Wolffsohn, OHMI Trust: Pioneering innovative musical instruments for those who are physically disabled. 
  • Ben Sellers: Composing and improvising with iPads for the non-music specialist
  • Sarah Mawby, PhD student, University of Leeds: Exploring ‘best practice’ in SEN/D music education

"Great workshops, talks and discussions. I feel it has increased my confidence to work with my students in my classroom"

"Networking with organisations and schools has been really useful to build links between research and practice, and make research more practice-based"

2016 SEND Music Network Gathering delegates


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