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Sound Affects Music- Battle of the Bands

Event description

The aim of our competition is to encourage young, budding musicians to perform either covers, or their own original material on stage in front of a panel of judges to build on their confidence, performance and technical skills that will aid them in their musical development. The acts will receive constructive feedback from the judges, which will allow them to assess their performance and work on the proposed improvements in order for them to become more confident musicians.. We believe it is a brilliant opportunity for those who have always dreamed of having the chance to perform on stage, for those who study music and also for students who simply have a passion for performing. 
We are offering a range of prizes, with the top prize being a full day in our professional recording studio. Other prizes will include free music lessons at our Sound Affects teaching facilities and individual prizes for ‘Best Vocalist’ and ‘All round performer’ to name a few. We will also be offering mentored sessions for acts at our Ormskirk Music Studio at a cost of £30 an hour which will be highly beneficial to those who would like to participate. This will entail a practice session being led by one of our expert tutors where the acts will be guided through their chosen song and receive technical advice, performance techniques and of course, encouragement. This is also an opportunity for students to ask questions and improve as an act prior to the competition. It is particularly difficult for musicians under the age of 18 to come across performance opportunities which is why we are delighted to provide a vessel where young musicians will be able to showcase their talents and perfrom in front of a diverse audience.