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Training on Using & Understanding the Impact of Arts & Creativity

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The Neuroscience of Creativity Training

Come join us for another of our exhilarating and much-admired training sessions led by Jo Stockdale, Programme Director and Trainer at Child Learning and Development Advisory Centre (CLADAC) - (

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Using and Understanding the Impact of Arts and Creativity

What is creativity and how on earth do we develop it in ourselves and the children and young people that we work with? New discoveries about the brain are now throwing light on questions that have long been asked; 'Is creativity talent and temperament and based on genes?' or ‘Is creativity about environment and a skill that we can teach?' ‘Can we ‘put creativity in’ or are we just lucky if we have it?' This session will decode what is actually happening to the brain and the nervous system when 'creative activity' is taking place, and by understanding how to activate the 'innovation switch' in the young people you work with, you will show you how to plant the seeds of creative capacity.

What did people say about our first session? 
"On many levels the training was hugely insightful and simply ground shifting for me. So much so that the way I deal with primary schools aged children (circa 10 years old) embarking on their journeys of adolescence has fundamentally changed. I am much more mindful of their stress and at the same time teaching them to also be self-aware of their feelings, as the ramifications of not doing so are too great." Kurly, Poet, Teaching Assistant & Community Workshop Facilitator.

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