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Head of Inclusion & Wellbeing

Job description

 We are excited to open applications for a new, part-time position at Drake Music: Head of Inclusion and Wellbeing. This essential role will help us to promote and embed an inclusive and supportive culture.

We are looking for an experienced Disabled leader to join our team. We use the word Disabled as a pan-impairment term to include Deaf, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Visually Impaired people, people with long-term health conditions, and/or with mental health conditions.

The role is wide-ranging, you will be part of the Senior Leadership Team and will cover all aspects of our work. You will help us to achieve our commitment to providing a safe, accessible, and diverse environment for making music.

The social model of disability must underpin all that you do. Embedding our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) principles and putting our EDI Plan into action will be a key priority. You will research, apply and promote inclusion and wellbeing initiatives and share best practice both internally and externally.

For full details of this role and how to apply please contact our website 

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