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Youth Music Funding

On this page you can find information about our different grant programmes, including the Incubator Fund, the NextGen Fund, the Trailblazer Fund and Catalyser Fund. Scroll down for our latest funding deadlines. 


Information about upcoming funding rounds 

We're refreshing our Trailblazer Fund and Catalyser Funds to make some small but significant improvements, focussed on greater accessibility and more youth voice. We have now finalised the application dates for the refreshed funds. 

The Youth Music NextGen Fund for 18-25 year olds continues to run, with three funding rounds throughout the year.

Scroll down for dates for all upcoming Youth Music funding rounds. All deadlines are 5pm. 


Which fund is for you? 

We have some tools to help you understand the differences between our funds, including our newest funds, and help you decide which fund is for you. Visit which Youth Music Fund should I apply to?

Here are some Trailblazer Fund project examples.

Here are some Catalyser Fund programme examples

Our Funding Priorities

Visit our Funding Priorities page to read regularly updated information about our funding priorities.  

Access Fund - Support making an application

If you identify as Disabled and need further support to make an application to Youth Music, you can apply to our Access Fund. This provides funding to cover any additional access costs that might be required for you to make an application to one of Youth Music’s main grant funds. You should apply for this fund before you start making your application.

Click here for more information on the Access Fund.

Funds open for applications

Our Trailblazer Fund and Next Gen Fund open for applications in December. 

Our Funds

Incubator Fund 
The deadline for our last ever Incubator Fund took place in March 2023. We’re currently seeking industry partners to launch a new and improved version, building on what we’ve learned so far.
Click here for more information on the Incubator Fund. 


Trailblazer Fund (previously Fund A)
Grants of  between £2,000 to £30,000 for organisations that support children and young people facing barriers to make, learn and earn in music. 
Click here for more information on the Trailblazer Fund. 


Catalyser Fund (previously Fund B)
Grants of between £30,001 and £300,000 for established organisations that support children and young people to make, learn and earn in music.
Click here for more information on the Catalyser Fund.


NextGen Fund
The Youth Music NextGen Fund offers young creatives (aged 18 - 25, or 18 - 30 if they identify as Disabled) grants of up to £2,500 to make their ideas happen. We’ve launched the NextGen Fund to help emerging musicians and behind the scenes creatives take a step forward in participating and changing the music industries.
Click here for more information on the NextGen Fund.

Funding deadlines

All deadlines are 5pm. 

Trailblazer Fund (previously Fund A)

Trailblazer Round 6
12 January 2024
Notification: 26 April 2024
For projects starting between: May and July 2024.  

Trailblazer Round 7
Deadline: 30 August 2024
Notification: 13 December 2024
For projects starting between: January and March 2025

Trailblazer Round 8
Deadline: 22 November 2024
Notification: 21 March 2025
For projects starting between: April and June 2025

Catalyser Fund (previously Fund B)

The Catalyser Fund consists of two stages. If your Expression of Interest is successful you will be invited to complete a full application.

Catalyser Fund Round 4
Expression of Interest Deadline:
10 May 2024
Notification: 28 June 2024
Full Application Deadline: 09 August 2024 
Notification: 08 November 2024
For programmes starting between: December 2024 and February 2025 


Incubator Fund

Our last ever Incubator Fund round took place in March 2023. We are now taking some time to reflect and develop a new offer for supporting young people into the music industries. 


NextGen Fund

NextGen Fund Round 8
Deadline: 19 January 2024
Notification:  April 2024

NextGen Fund Round 9
Deadline: 28 June 2024
Notification: September 2024

NextGen Fund Round 10
Deadline: 15 November 2024
Notification: February 2025

All deadlines are 5pm. 

Where to apply

We recommend you read the applicant guidance document for the fund you want to apply to before starting your application. Once you've planned your application and read our guidance you can then apply via Youth Music's online grants portal.

You will need to register on the grants portal - please note that this is a separate site from the Youth Music Network.