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Interim phonecall questions

Interim Phone Calls will be arranged with your Grants & Learning Officer at an appropriate mid-point of your grant. The phone call is an opportunity to catch up about the progress of your project, your intended outcomes, and your monitoring and evaluation. It takes the place of a written report and normally lasts about 30 minutes.

Please note the questions below are for reference only to help you prepare for the phone call. You do not need to submit any responses to these questions as your Grants & Learning Officer will take notes during the phone call. 

Fund A Interim Phone Call Questions

1. What activities and outputs have been delivered to date? Have there been any changes from the activity plan provided in your application?

2. Have you encountered any challenges relating to the project, your organisation, or the external environment? How have you dealt with these challenges, and are they likely to have an effect on the next phase of your project?

3. As part of your evaluation plan, what data collection and analysis has taken place to date?

4. Based on the data collection and analysis you have undertaken so far, what progress are you making toward your three intended outcomes?

5. Reflecting on the emerging evaluation findings, what do you need to prioritise in the next phase of your work in order to ensure you achieve your intended outcomes? Do you need to make any changes to your plans?

6. How have you used the Quality Framework, and what have been your experiences of using it? Has it had any impact on your project, workforce, or organisation?

7. How have you shared practice, both online on the Youth Music Network and offline (e.g. at hub meetings or conferences)? How can we support you to blog about your project on the Youth Music Network?

8. If you are working toward Arts Award or other accreditation, what has been your experience of embedding this accreditation into your delivery?

9. Is there anything else you want to tell us?