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An Introduction to Youth Voice (Empower Hour)

Event description

Join Holly Prest (Jubacana) and Liz Birch (MAC Makes Music) for an exciting introduction to Youth Voice and why it's important.

About this event

What is Youth Voice? Why is it important? What does it mean for young people?

We'll cover practical ways the principles of Youth Voice can be embedded in your work as well as be hearing from young people themselves about how and why having their voices heard is vital.

The session will end with an opportunity for Q&A and discussion.

The Facilitators

Holly Prest is an outstanding percussionist, director and educator. With over 25 years of experience behind her, Holly’s dedication to the music, rhythms and cultures from around the world has led her to translate all of this knowledge into her passion for performing and teaching. She is a vibrant and experienced workshop facilitator, sharing her extensive knowledge of the music of North East Brazil and beyond.

Holly is the Director youth music and dance outfit Jubacana, and Artistic Director of Global Grooves, an inspirational Carnival arts NPO. She has led on a number of Youth Music funded programmes since 2014.

Her own journey in music began age 12 after a chance meeting with a community percussion group. 26 years later, Holly is at the helm of a host of youth focused music and leadership programmes, in particular ‘Jubacana’ and the Global Grooves ‘Future Leaders’ * programme.

Liz Birch

Liz is a recording artist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with an interest in music technology and accessible instruments. Once a participant of community music projects herself, she is now an experienced Music Leader who embeds youth voice into every aspect of her practices. Working with organisations such as MAC Makes Music, she runs a variety of projects for young people of varying ages and needs.

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