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Youth Champion Board Member

Job description

Successful applicants will serve on the Youth Champion Board from 1 September 2017 to 31 March 2018. During this time, board members will:

  • Attend an induction in central London on Friday 1 September
  • Stay in regular contact with the Outreach Officer running the Youth Champion programme
  • Commit to monthly Skype calls with other members of the Youth Champion Board to develop, plan and evaluate the Youth Champion programme
  • Assist in the delivery of a Youth Champion workshop (where possible)
  • Aim to recruit new Youth Champions to the programme
  • Regularly update the Youth Champion Facebook groups
  • Assist in planning and developing the Youth Champion Day at the end of the Youth Champion programme
  • Hold an HMD activity or support the planning of an HMD activity in your region / nation or assist at the UK Commemorative Ceremony
  • Promote Holocaust Memorial Day, the arts programme and the Youth Champion programme to peers
  • Write 500 words about what you have contributed to the programme by Friday 24 March

    You may be required to carry out additional duties throughout the year.

    There are many opportunities open to members of the Youth Champion Board. In 2017, board members played a big part in the UK Ceremony and represented HMDT at many events such as the 2017 resources launch in the Houses of Parliament and the Thank You and Impact Event in the House of Lords.

    To apply, download an application form here and email Jessica at 

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