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Musical Director/ Composer wanted for Grimeborn Festival

Arcola Theatre is offering one musical director/ composer aged 18+ the chance to work as a musical director for Napoleon Blown Apart, a new production that fuses gypsy punk with opera. It will be staged as the opening performance for the 2014 Grimeborn Festival.

The production will be written and directed by award-winning director Alex Brown and run for six performances in Arcola Studio 2 in July 2014. 

About Napoleon Blown Apart

On Christmas Eve 1800, a bomb exploded in a horse and cart on Rue Saint-Nicaise in Paris, killing several innocent civilians – the first recorded use of an IED [Improvised Explosive Device] in an act of terrorism. The target, Napoleon, was on his way to the opera to watch the opening of Hadyn’s Creation, and had passed the so called “Infernal Machine” seconds before it detonated, narrowly escaping the blast...

The Musical Director will work with with established director Alex Brown and a company of 10 actors to create new songs to be juxtaposed with Haydn’s Creation. Napoleon Blown Apart will have six performances in Arcola Studio 2 and will launch the 2014 Grimeborn Festival.

You will be paid £750 for taking part in the project, and will own all future copyright to the work created. 

The Arcola team is looking for a collaborator who wants to create something that has never been seen on stage before. They want to find someone who will immerse themself in the creative process, working collaboratively with their fellow company members.

The winner of this brief will be expected to write original music with a gypsy/punk influence for three to four actor musicians (and be flexible about which instruments they can play). They will need to respond musically to the themes and ideas of the project. They will work with the director to integrate live music into the show, and continue to tweak composition throughout the rehearsal process. The musical director will be expected to attend rehearsals, production meetings, and be available throughout the tech and performance week.

Apply via IdeasTap by 30 April.