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Paid performance opportunity for singers and cabaret artists

Performing artists! Would you like to perform in a very special London location? And have your performance professionally filmed for your own use? 

Maverick theatre makers RIFT are inviting five individuals to perform at their regular Eastern European-themed Uri-Vision Song Contest night. Their performance will be professionally filmed, and they will receive a copy. They will also receive £50. 

The Uri-Vision Song Contest is set in the 1970s, in the fictional Eastern European country of Borduria. Uri is looking for dynamic and exciting acts, from musicians to magicians, to perform before a live audience at his song contest on the 19 February 2014 at the atmospheric Earl Haig Hall in Crouch End, London.

Uri isn’t just looking for singers but there must be music incorporated into your act in some capacity.

The winners of this brief will be invited to perform at Uri-Vision and will receive a copy of the high-quality film footage taken of their act, which can be used by the applicant for their own showreel and promotional material. They will also be featured in RIFT’s YouTube mini-series. Successful applicants will receive expenses and complimentary refreshments on the night.

Please note: while the event will take place before a real audience of screaming fans, the contest is wholly fictional. Successful acts will not be competing against each other on the night. The Uri-Vision Song Contest will be filmed and be featured in a YouTube mini-series about Uri’s wacky adventures, which will be released later in the spring. Please only apply if you are happy for your act to appear in this series.

Apply via IdeasTap by 5pm on 12 February.