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Little Amber/AmberPlus Practitioner

Job description

We are looking for music practitioners who are interested in becoming involved in our Little Amber and AmberPlus music services. 

Little Amber is a national scheme for children under five with visual impairment (and in many cases other additional needs) and their families. AmberPlus is our scheme for older children, aged 5-18, with complex needs including visual impairment. We currently have a pool of around 60 Little Amber/AmberPlus practitioners (who come from a range of backgrounds including community music, music education and music therapy) working with families across the UK. 

The role of “Little Amber/AmberPlus practitioner” involves delivering music sessions in families’ homes (or sometimes schools for AmberPlus children), once every three months (Little Amber)/once a term (AmberPlus). During the sessions the aim is not only to engage with the child through music, but also to model activities and suggest musical strategies to other family members so they are gaining the skills and confidence to engage with the child through music themselves. 

More information about the Little Amber and AmberPlus music services and the specially designed resources can be found on The Amber Trust website: and 

If you have experience of working with children with visual impairment/additional needs/complex needs and might be interested in being involved we would be very interested to hear from you. Please contact Isabel Bedford at for more details. 

We are currently particularly interested to hear from practitioners based in the South East (Oxfordshire, Essex, Kent and Berkshire), the South West (Gloucestershire and Devon), and the North East (County Durham and Tyne and Wear). 

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