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Music as an emotional outlet

Chalkhill provides acute inpatient and day patient services for children and young people aged between 12 and 18 with a range of mental health conditions.

Rhythmix tutor Jack Kingslake has been engaging with young people on music projects for a number of years and has become a focused part of the team, allowing young people to express themselves through music, lyrics and music tech. Jack tells us about the some recent work.

"It has been a really productive and valuable time recently at Chalkhill. I have done some particularly transformative work with two young women, both of whom have cited the Rhythmix session as the most effective therapeutic activities during their time at Chalkhill. They have managed to channel their distress and depression into songwriting and have felt that the process of songwriting has been very empowering and enjoyable.

Through the process of writing and recording songs the young people feel like they’re able to communicate the complexity of their feelings to their friends and family in a way that they simply wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Music provides a medium through which young people with mental health issues can express themselves and begin to heal. In addition to this, both women have been using the work that they have been doing to help them achieve an Arts Award. One young woman has now been discharged, and is continuing to work towards a Silver Arts Award at school.

I feel really blessed to work at Chalkhill, because the benefits for the young people are so clear to see. I always come out of the session feeling like I’ve genuinely made a difference to those young people’s week, and that is hugely motivational for me.

I am also very proud that Music in Mind won a Children & Young People Now Award. It’s nice to get national recognition for the work we do on the ground. The sessions have given the in patients and outpatients an opportunity to work together and form bonds based on the music making activities."

This feedback from a young person really shows the value that they young people get from the sessions

‘’Rhythmix was a very therapeutic session for me. I started writing my own songs for the very first time. These songs were about my thoughts, feelings and what I am going through. I have shared these songs with my friends and family and they are very proud of me and say I have lots of talent. In these sessions I have learned how to express my thoughts into lyrics and express my feelings in the music.’’ Participant

Sessions at Chalkhill are part of Rhythmix Music in Mind programme and is funded by Youth Music Fund B