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Music facilitator

Job description

Reporting to: Operations Manager

Pay rates: Good Vibrations pays its most experienced facilitators, working in challenging circumstances: co-facilitation rates of £250/day; and sole-facilitation rates of £300/day. We pay trainees £100/day and Assistant Facilitators £190 per day. With this round of recruitment, we plan to bring new facilitators into the team, starting with a short trainee phase where they observe and support, then graduating them onto assistant, co-facilitator, or even sole-facilitator roles - depending on successful candidates' experience levels and the settings we ask them to work in. The rates we pay them will be commensurate with these roles.

Location: This work could be across England and Scotland, but we are particularly keen to recruit someone who can work in the Northwest of England or the Midlands

Contract: Freelance contract

Purpose of role: To co-facilitate week-long gamelan music courses in UK prisons. (A Good Vibrations course is normally a week-long daily course in a prison or other secure institution using a Javanese gamelan.)



  1. Team-lead 4-6-hour sessions daily for five-day, residential courses in line with the project brief to up to 20 people throughout.
  2. Differentiate/adapt delivery in response to individual needs, abilities and interests.
  3. Facilitate the sessions in line with Good Vibrations' core values (see website).
  4. Support clients to achieve the outputs and outcomes outlined in the project brief.
  5. Carry out Scheme of Work/lesson planning for courses.
  6. Carry out pre visits to recruit potential participants


  1. Act as an ambassador for Good Vibrations and uphold its excellent reputation through your interactions with participants, partner staff, and audience members.
  2. Suggest new ideas, and flag potential risks to the Operations Manager from your discussions with delivery partner staff, participants, and from your experience on courses.


  1. Support Good Vibrations to develop and deliver its strategic plan.
  2. Support other facilitators and trainees to hone their skills to deliver a high-quality service.
  3. Participate in peer review and team training activities, including participating in the annual training needs survey.
  4. Be extremely flexible to the needs of the host institution during the course, such as changes in numbers of participants or having to fit the gamelan in a cabinet at the end of the session!
  5. Regularly communicate with the Team Representative to feedback issues and ideas to the Executive Director and Board of Trustees.
  6. On course weeks, participate in daily de-briefs with your co-facilitators about how the course is going.
  7. Participate in team-teleconferences and support delivery of Good Vibrations' Quality Improvement Plan.
  8. Share your knowledge, ideas and experience to support Good Vibrations staff to prepare new project proposals and funding proposals.


We will provide you with training and development to support your work with us. Initially, we anticipate that you will start with a trainee phase where you observe facilitators delivering courses and participate yourself to enable you to see and experience how the process works. This will be followed on subsequent courses with a supported process where you develop from providing assistant-facilitation through to co-facilitation and/or sole facilitation.


  1. Be a positive role model and encourage participants to join the Keep in Touch Programme, which will support them when they move into the community.
  2. Support interested participants in further development, with suggestions of connections and transition routes into further activities post course within the institution.
  3. Liaise with the Training and Development Manager to support the success of the Keep in Touch Programme with past participants you have supported.

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